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The Legend of the Prince who had a Face

This production makes no use of the spoken word, and its action develops itself through the actors' movements and recorded narration, mixing up many genres – masks, puppets, and video graphics - alongside a soundtrack by Sergei Prokofiev.
The play transits between Gothic and surrealist aesthetics, telling the story of a prince born with a face, in a land of faceless people. The prince is kept in a tower because the King and the Queen fear that if anyone finds him, he would be mistreated by the population.
Zilka Sallaberry Theatre for Children Award / 2013 - Best Play, Best Costume Design, and Best Light Design.

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A Artesanal Cia. de Teatro
"Artesanal Cia. de Teatro dares to make a show, for the children audience, with no dialogues, gothic aesthetics and a soundtrack by Sergei Prokofiev, and gets it right."
Carlos Henrique Braz - Magazine Veja Rio

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Written by: Gustavo Bicalho
Directed by: Gustavo Bicalho and Henrique Gonçalves
Cast: Álvaro Pilares, André Pimentel, Bruno Oliveira, Débora Salem,
Márcio Nascimento, Marise Nogueira, Suzana Castelo and Virgínia Martins
Narrated by: Edeilton Medeiros
Movement director: Paulo Mazzoni
Puppets Movement Choreographer and Coach: Márcio Nascimento
Mask and Technical Support for the use of Mask: Marise Nogueira
Puppets by: Alexandre Guimarães and Karlla de Luca
Songs by: Sergei Prokofiev
Soundtrack: Gustavo Bicalho
Videographics: Rafael Cazes
Costume Design, Set Design and Props: Fernanda Sabino, Henrique Gonçalves
and Karlla de Luca
Light Designer: Jorginho de Carvalho


Assistant Light Designer: Poliana Pinheiro
Light Operator: Waldemir de Almeida and Valdemir Almeida
Costume Pattern Cutter: Glória Tranjan
Set Builder: Álvaro and Jorjão
Seamstress: Zeny Gonçalves
Shoe Maker: Ernesto Spain

Marketing Team:

Graphic Design by: Rafael Cazes
Photographer: Jackeline Nigri
PR: Evandro Rius
Media Agency: Artesanal Produções Artísticas

Production staff:

Production Manager: Henrique Gonçalves
Producers: Karlla de Luca, Kátia Kamello and Marta Paiva
Year of Production: Artesanal Cia. de Teatro / 2009