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The Selfish Giant

This play is an adaptation of the short story by the Irish writer from the XIX century, Oscar Wilde. “The Selfish Giant” is one of the few stories he wrote for children. It was published in a collection named “The Happy Prince and Other Stories” and it was one of his favourite stories. He used to read it to his children very often, and he dedicated it to them.
The staging makes use of masks and puppets, bringing up a dramatic view of Wilde's story and a reflection on the passage of time and the process of aging.
Zilka Sallaberry Theatre for Children Award / 2013 - Best Play, Best Actor and Best Costume Design.
São Paulo Theatre Incentive for Children and Youth Award / 2014 – Best Adapted Script, Best Soundtrack and Best Light Design.


"The Selfish Giant is a unique example of the best and most creative theatre work being made for children in Brasil today. Pride, pride, pride. Congratulations to the Artesanal Theatre Company team. Lets all, lovers of great theatre, run to watch it."
Dib Carneiro – Crescer Magazine / Critique/review

[PUPPETS] Bruno Dante

[GRAPHIC PROJECT] Maurício Grecco

[COSTUMES] Fernanda Sabino and Henrique Gonçalves

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Written by: Gustavo Bicalho - about Oscar Wilde’s short story
Directed by: Gustavo Bicalho and Henrique Gonçalves
Cast:Edeilton Medeiros, Márcio Nascimento, Marcos Guilhon and Tatá Oliveira
Movement Director: Paulo Mazzoni
Puppets Movement Choreographer and Coach: Márcio Nascimento
Masks and Technical Support for the use of Mask: Marise Nogueira
Puppets by: Bruno Dante
Musical Research:Gustavo Bicalho
Set Design and Set Props by: Karlla de Luca
Costume Design and Props by: Fernanda Sabino and Henrique Gonçalves
Light Designer: Jorginho de Carvalho


Assistant Light Designer: Poliana Pinheiro
Light Operation by: Igor Sully, Rodrigo Belay and Valdemir Almeida
Set Builder: Antônio Ronaldo
Costume Pattern Cutter: Glória Tranjan
Seamstresses: Enilde Rocha and Zeny Gonçalves
Shoe Maker: Gomes Sapatos

Marketing Team:

Graphic Designer and Illustrator: Mauricio Grecco
Photography by: Bruno Lorenzo, Jackeline Nigri and LuCa Ayres
PR: Evandro Rius
Media Agency: Mais and Melhores Produções Artísticas

Production staff:

Production Manager: Henrique Gonçalves
Producer: Marta Paiva
Year of Production: Artesanal Cia. de Teatro / 2013